Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm not going down on my knees, Begging you to adore me...

I often read magazines about how to get the jobs I require and want to do. Like style big creative fashion adverts, or something else for magazines. Because then you can go completley mad and do whatever you feel like and you have the money. But it is smart to know how to handle a small budget to. To just pick out the right key things in an editoral shoot. It's sometimes quite hard and you put your own creative mind at an edge, sometimes everything isn't calculated in the right terms. But I wouldn't want to be without it. I'll have to find out what exactly I want to do with all of this, cause I can't shut it down... I just need to find out a little bit more about me.

And yeah, today something happened to our computer, or should I say screen again, cause it's much more the screen than the computer? I hate when this shit happens, it's not supposed to! Just the lack of electricity not flowing to it, makes a great example for these kind of things. Let's hope it get's better. I'm hoping, cause I can't be without a computer this coming week, next week I won't be home, but hopefully it won't let me down again!


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