Saturday, June 20, 2009

Realtime punishment just by looking!

It's like punishment when you want something and you can afford it, but you don't have the fucking place to have it. Okey, now we're only talking about shoes, but I can't get anything else to fit in my shoe wardrobe, unless I start by selling off things - horror of horrors - is there some reality in what I'm saying? Am I the one, who's a collector (sometimes I do tend to belive that my shoes will be worth something more than just a threshold memory for me), going to sell my shoes? Oh, for heavens sake, people. I can't sell my shoes. It's just to radical to think that, but if I were to think logical about selling them I would profit from it. Not all of them has a sentementual value for me, and by that I mean very few.

I really like that they're yellow! <3


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