Friday, June 05, 2009

Singing, Waiting for a sign, To turn blood into wine...

In about an hour I'm going out, to do something called shopping and picking up things for tomorrows photoshoot, I think everybody is aware of whom I'll be working with. I love that we will do this thing now, cause it's itching in my hands to be creative and I don't want to do a pattern and sew something new, I will do that, cause I got yards of fabric the sunday that past, and you'll see later what I'll be working on. I like colors like, navy blue, scarlet red, white, beige and all the other colors as well, but navy, yummy!

I still think Mac did a lovely set with Nauty Nauticals. I love it still!

And I want a Snapple, yes, I like them to! They're beloved by me.
But you see it's kind of hard to find them in every store so... Today I'm gettingmyself one!


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