Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sorrow has a human heart, From my god it will depart, I'd sail before a thousand moons, Never finding where to go...

Today is both a good day and a bad. The good part is that it's my brothers birthday and he's turning 20, woho! That's the age here in Sweden when you can legally buy alcohol, yeay or something! The bad thing is that it's my grandma's passing day. 5 years today and I'm in grief of that fact. So today is both a cheerful and a dull day.

This is my brother and me when we were little kids, he's only a few days old and I'm soon to be three years, I loved him very much then and even more now.

But I'm celebrating my brother today and that is fun. Sorrow never goes away but it's get manageable.


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