Friday, July 17, 2009

Give this to me, now!

Tonight it's party again, which means that I have clothes anxiety again! I promised myself that I was going to have anxiety over things that I can take control over tonight. I don't know how long that has taken for me to have an insight in. I really don't. Nevermind, tonight as I said, it's party again, and I my friends don't have anything to wear! As always. It dosen't matter, how much things I have I never have the right stuff.

This is just so crazy that I can't help myself than to love it.
Asymetric, one sleeve, purple, bright and ruffles yet sophisticated!

This is so easy to wear, and I don't think it can go wrong.

I think I would like something like these ensambles, maybe I have something that I can combine... I have to dig deep!


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Jynette said...

I love the purple on, it seems very vintage. the black and white are less stunning but still a very attractive choice.
i tagged you with an award on my blog!