Saturday, July 11, 2009

The neverending story of creativity.

All I needed was some sleep and now everything is fine again, I'm slowly gaining my voice back and I promise you that it takes some time. Never mind. I'm still cleaning out my closet and I wonder how deep into that I will go. Do you dare me? I won't dare myself.

This upcoming week, I'm meeting up Nina for coffee and some talk about shoots in the future, as I've said I'm already planning shoots that's going around in my head. And it didn't get better when I saw my fathers things, I'll tell you one thing, if you think you have much stuff in your house, you have no idea. I love antiques, so I'll probably gonna do a fashion shoot with an old theme - I'll just have to work out all the details. Because these things have been done before and I don't want it to look the same. Same is never good, inspiration yes, copying no. So my head spins with creativity - let's see where I end up?


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