Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Show me completeness and show me love.

No words can express what I'm feeling right now, no words are neccesary for me to have an urge to tell you, it's closing time, but I'm in total control. I will search for completeness, but I'm not running I'm walking there, cause it won't go anywhere - I will never reach the fullest of it cause it can't happen, that is life.

I want to be in love, I've never knew the feeling, just the happy thing inside, but never love. How do you know when it's love and when it's not? Do you have an endless searching for that? I think it will begin with you have yourself only to rely on, I have that and love it will come, won't it? As the same is for style, style never goes out of style - fashion do, likewise with love, love will never go out of style, but the object for your love will change and that my friends just makes me smile.


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