Thursday, August 27, 2009

Changes, do you need them? I do.

Today I called a dietist, although I only got the message that I have to call on monday, she's not back yet. I really have to change everything in my life, I'm in need of a change. I need to be healthier and stop having the urge to saw myself apart, cause the pain my friends is not in some particullary friendly type of friend. It is now killing my body, slowly and very exhausting, cause when I have aches like this, it's hard to be nice, but I'm used to it, so it just to bite hard and keep your mouth shut, cause nobody likes when people complain.

Today I'm meeting my lovely friend Karin and we're going to eat some food and discuss everything, thank you that she is one hell of a girl that always makes me smile. So I'm cheering for that. Loovely! Can't wait.


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