Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heads will roll!

Busy, busy, busy, lots of things is on the move, I'm taking baby steps into a world that I know I belong in, no one else. I have known that since I became aware of what clothes and colors are, known that I will work with it. Some times I wanted to be a designer, now it's a stylist I want to be, dress people up or down. Be on the cutting edge fashionshows and do it my way, not anyone elses. So let's see what the future has installed for me, I'm just hoping something good.

New photos from Kattaca and Paco Peregrín loove them!



Jynette said...

as always amazing pictures! The future is a fickle thing, or are humans the problem? lol i hope you have something good instore for you.

Elva said...

Det kommer säkert gå jättebra och det är så roligt att du verkligen vill satsa på det. Passar dig som handen i handsken :)