Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it true, Same shit, Different name?

I'm in shock, totally in shock. I found a blog today where you could see shoes from a company... The shoes are a replica of my favorite queen of making shoes, Natacha Marro. The one I'd never buy a replica from, not even if it would look good. Why? Cause I truly admire her work. There was tons of her shoes, all I could think was Oh no, not again. Are we so completley non creative that we settle for other peoples designs? And yes of course was Louboution there to, what else?

The original from Natacha, I love them, and I have a pair in white and one in burgundy! <3

The burlesque from Pleaser, aren't they just the same? No, no leather.

The original and best, can you beat him?

The Teeze burlesque Louboutin shoes from Pleaser...


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Felicia said...

Jag hade inte sett Natacha Marro's skor förrän du skrev i min blogg. Tycker verkligen det är trist när de kopierar på det sättet. Jag önskar jag hade råd med ett par av Marro's skor, men icke. Så kanske, kanske köper från PLeaser iaf, trots kopieringen.