Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The storm in the teacup has nearly begun...

I'm a rollercoaster, in one second I'm up next moment I'm down, where the hell is this coming from? I can't really handle it, it just brings confusion and troubles. I'm numb in some ways, and again I'm going through this alone - this is school for me. I'm reading what my mind tells me and take notes. I think nobody really understands the hell you are in when you have this, 'til you're standing there with it. It's like standing still, wanting to leave and at the same time not. I'm a storm in a teacup, and guess what, I know it will get a little bit worse now that it's the beginning of the autumn, like always, but it gets clearer. So please excuse me while I'm in this mood. Cause I can't control it, but none the less, it's easier this time, than last. So keep your fingers crossed, cause that's what I'm doing.


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