Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It can't rain all the time, The sky won't fall forever...

It just rains and rains... It's boring the hell out of me, but happily I'm gonna meet up with a friend this loomed tuesday so perhaps it gets better. From my point of view anyhow. But rain can sometimes be really good can't it?

Oh, I'm looking for the right outfits to combine my autumn/winter wardrobe, and I haven't really got it from my sight here, it's always safe to go with black, but perhaps some velvet dress in dark purple and no, I'm not hopping on the thigh-high boots trend, I love it, but I do not have the legs, but knee-high is always a trademark for me, so my favorite boots is coming to use this autumn as well, that's really good! But my bets are on velvet, lace and leather in colors in a little bit darker edge of the scale, nothing really vibrant, I get the feeling of some sort of decadance looking at the clothes that arrives...

And yeah, I'm really gonna get my body fit, I'm inspired by Madonna!


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