Monday, August 17, 2009

Right here, Right now.

Yesterday I talked very much with one of my dearest & nearest friends of all time, Malin. I realize now that it's going to be hard without clichées.I don't have any words for this woman, cause she isn't a girl anymore, neither am I, I'm speechless. We talked about those past years, and it feels like light years ago... It's not the present, it's beyond past. We talked about stuff that matters and those that don't. I got to thinking then, what's real friendship, is it when you can call up someone, can smile at the past and yet still talk about it, is it when you've been through a up-side-down hellride and the person is still standing beside you? When you've had wonderful times. Cause if that's real friendship, then what we have is friendship, real true, unique friendship.

This is taken some years back, and yes we've laughed and cried.

With love

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