Thursday, August 06, 2009

Travelling down their own road watching the signs as they go, I think I'll follow my heart, It's a very good place to start...

I'm currently hating my aches in my body and are so freaking happy about seeing Madonna on saturday that I don't know what I'm gonna do... And yes, I'm meeting Anna in about just two weeks, how lovely won't that be? She is a heroine for me. Always makes me smile and make me comfortable. So seeing her again may be the best thing this summer, sorry to everybody else, but when you haven't seen a person for a very long time you get very excited about meeting them, in my case, overwelmed. But this weekend it's Gothenburg (again) and Madonna that's in my head, if I get to hear my favorite song, I think I will melt and never exsist again, but hey I can at least say that I saw her.

And yeah, I can't find a single thing in the stores right know... This is not my favorite seasone, but black always work, so why not? And yeah, you may hate me now, but I'd love to have a fur...


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