Saturday, September 12, 2009

And I just bite the dust, all over again!

Cutting out everything that includes milk, is very very hard. And now we have come to terms with that it can be other combinations, like gluten from wheat - so I really don't know what to do - neither how I should feel about this. Because I can't go around feeling nauseous and like it's twisting my body upside down. Or am I just sick again? Not a good time to be sick... So I'm just standing here, happy about the fact that I'm not unaware of these sort of things, my mother is an allergic, she is alive and living. I've grown up with it. But milk and gluten? Can I choose? So it's just to bite the dust and seek a doctor, thank someone that I'm going to a dietist now.

This is my mum and me, love her!

In other cases I'm pretty happy.


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Elva Makeup said...

Usch vad jobbigt! Tur att du har världens bästa mamma Anna :)