Friday, September 11, 2009

A crave and a aching body!

Well to start with something nice, I found myself a beret, and yes it's exactly the way I want it. Love that I have some luck, sometimes. I loove it, and yes I'll probably been seen it that one later this autumn, with a nice black coat and nice boots, of course with highheels! Can you expect me to be otherwise? Oh, yes, I'm looking so much for big earrings, I love them big and they can't be heavy to wear they have to be light, haha!

The bad thing is that I have a huge, gigantic problem with milk, I think it is that. The thing is I can't start buy lactosfree products, this isn't the normal lactosintolerance it's milk allergy and it has to to with the proteins, if this is it. So bye bye! Luckily I'm soon going to a dietist to get a better picture over food and all the things with me - and it couldn't have come in a better time, cause now my body is aching so much that I can't take it.


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