Friday, September 25, 2009

Have you tried walking in the cheap or expensive shoes?

I've written about this thing so many times, but it wasn't 'til I discussed this with my friend Hanna that I got it to be a whole new picture for me. The thing is you may copy a shoe, hundreds - millions of times, but you never get the comfort that the original has - unless you're the one created the shoe. That's why I nowadays rather pick quality shoes than the bigger quantity. I'll tell you when you've wore a pair that's the real deal, you do not ever want to go back. So people maybe it's like this - everyone isn't going to have those Louboutins, Blahniks or Marros or for that matter, all the other ones as well, you name them - cause everybody dosen't have £600 (more or little less), to spend on a pair, but then they shouldn't have it at all in my opinion, cause if you can't buy the original then, bye bye! Shoes that aren't comfortable are not worth wearing - trust me on that one. No matter what.


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