Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dresses that gives you a kick!

I have to show you some goodies that we have this fall, some of it stick in your eyes, but I would love to be wearing all these things on different occasions! It all about how you dress them up or down.

This dress from Preen is just so fun, cause so much is happening, a real a night raging the town and with the right accessories it's going to be a smash! I, myself would and some more colors and a kick-ass attitude. Perfect!

Just looking at this dress from Ashish, makes me want to go out partying, it's a perfect party dress, very bright, sticky in the eye and sophisticated with the only one shoulder! And it has sequins, loove! I have to get myself a good party dress!

I love velvet, and this one from Vince is a really wearable one. This fall velver is one of the biggest trends, like this it's quite casual yet dressy, but you can dress it up anyway, I would if I were going to a party, and just keeping it simple on ordinary days! It's tres chic!

This thigh high boot from Louboutin, is just a little bit too good to be true!
Just to die for! Please, give me?

Photos from: NetAPorter!


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