Friday, October 02, 2009

True happiness is maybe one of the most grateful things I've ever encountered...

Have you ever been so happy that you could cry? I'm overwhelmed by this amazing feeling - nothing could ever beat this, the happiness of knowing that - is almost too much. So a part of me is waiting for someone to slam the hammer in my head and I'll weak up, having no memory of this. But, this is real. This is happening. Maybe a lot of people take breathing without a stone in your chest, don't ever have had anxiety or feeling really blue, just for granted and easy. Imagine that those feelings isn't something that is guaranteed for you, something you've always had to struggle for, and now it just comes so easily. I'm out of words in the matter... I'm just standing here overwhelmed by all the feelings, that I now have a sense of control over and loving life.

That's something I haven't been able to do for almost my entire life, so belive me, I'm speechless, cause in my mind this day have never exsisted before.


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