Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm not afraid anymore.

For a year ago, I would never have guessed that I would love to live, have the feeling that you are in control over almost everything, but yet accepting when everything isn't and you're still at peace. I honestly thought my life would be a fairytale with a very bad ending - that was my life. Now a year after I took the decision of taking lithium as my main medicine, I'm stunned and amazed over almost everything that happens and also myself. A life that once were so destructive and ripping me apart - has now become a life that I never ever imagined could or would happen and, when I say never believe it, I really mean that word. It's a whole new me, the old one is still in me, but she isn't the one in position. So anyone who says that lithium wasn't for me, trust me - are deadly wrong. I'd be lying in a coffin deep in the ground if it wasn't for that.

Today I'm just satisfied with life,
and yes it's still a lot of work to do,
but it's finally paying off.

Lots of love

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