Monday, October 05, 2009

Just give me the pain that I'm used to!

Okey, some bad news - but I'm still smiling, maybe small words but with a very big difference. They can't do anything for my fucking pain. That's life and payback is a bitch, so okey, they can't do anything cause this isn't going away, this my friends isn't headache. You can compare it to something like when you take drugs, after a while you need more, I'm that... I would only need more painkillers the further down I went on that road - and I don't want to be an addict. I'm not that, so I bite harder than ever in my lip to not scream out my pain and I curse to the fact that it will not get better, but I'm never giving in, that's not in my nature.

The strangest thing is that I miss a person I've never met. Scary or what?


1 comment:

Elva said...

Älskade vännen. Du kommer på något vis hitta ett sätt att klara detta. Du är otroligt stark och en riktig fighter!