Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stop, stop praying, Cause I'm not playing, I'm not frozen, Dancing is my remedy...

I have to much on my mind, that I really can't sort anything out, at-the-moment. Nothing special, just thought about life, love and what's going to happen. I know now for sure that life twists and turns as much as it wants to. It's not in my hands... No matter how much you debate about how life should be, or you would like it to be in a specific way, life usually make sure that something new always happen - on a daily basis, it would be kind of boring otherwise wouldn't it? As it comes to love - that is also something that just happens, by random accident. Neither can you control it, neither do you want to.

Just for me speaking, I like life and love being random. I've come to notice that happiness is nothing I can be guaranteed, or love or a life. Life seems to swoosh by sometimes while you stand still. I wonder why it comes to that - how you sometimes control life and see everything around you, just happen. And oh dear, I would love to find someone who was strong enough tp catch me, cause I know for my own sake and for that person - that any other case doesn't work. Is there anyone out there who is strong enough to catch a person that is almost always living on the edge?


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