Monday, November 02, 2009

Cleaning out my closet - for real!

Every part of my body aches, I worked all weekend with cleaning up... I have heard comments like people shouldn't ever complain about their messiness, cause when it comes to me, I'm simply the best of having all my stuff wherever I may lay it - but not anymore.
If I'll be like this when I'm married I'm going to be the perfect housewife! Cause I can work constantly until I break down, sleep doesn't exist in my head. So forcing myself into bed - that's a monumental accomplishment. At the cost of me not being able of moving my body. Is it worth it? Yes I think it is, for real.

I have to clean today to, tomorrow it's time to visit the dietitian...
And yes I've been without milk for over almost 2 months now...
And I'm beginning to feel sick - will it end someday?
I'm gonna brew me some ginger tea, I think...


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