Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I feel that something's different...

This morning I went to the dietitian, and all I can say is that, it really helps... But changing habits are very very hard, you have to get rid of everything that you think right now, and begin building something new, a healthy way of looking at food... But I'm willing to change me, and that's a beginning. But I'm here to win this, so I'm gonna do that - nothing else.

Oh, I'm so excited about the shoot now, tomorrow I'm picking up clothes, and my dad is going to lend me some stuff that I need... I love that I have so many things to work with, build things on and go crazy and just do my interpretation of Ritas' clothes! It feels like I'm finally on the move and starting to do things. But the most important thing is that I'll be having fun, cause if that's lacking it's not gonna go anywhere.


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Rita said...

Well then have a LOT of FUN ;)