Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tearing guts...

If you had two choices what would you choose; feeling good or feeling bad in terms of physical health? Of course you say that you want to feel good, but feeling good comes with a cost, you have to give up something that you in this case maybe need. I know today after testing over the weekend that I can't let my stomach feel like someone is tearing all your guts out, I don't want that feeling, cause I haven't missed it these last 10 weeks - but it's back. But as in all good stories there's a twist, you can eat milk sometimes when it's made, not raw - it doesn't attack you body as hard then. But you have to hold up milk products and everything with milk for more than 2 months before eating it. What the hell do you do? In reality I know what I should do, but a part isn't ready for it - cause now it is for real... Pain or no pain - that is the question?


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