Saturday, November 14, 2009

A mixup of all kinds of things...

Yesterday I tried eating milkproducts again, and I have to do it for some days now, and believe me - it's hard. Mostly because my stomach sais no, and for the first time for 2 months feels bad. I know for certain that I won't eat milk just plain and simple for a very long time now, but I'm going to try milk in food, and see how I respond to that. We'll just have to see, don't we? But hey, this is life, and I'm just accepting this as everything else.

Today me and my mum is going to do some pottering, sounds kinda nice, I think... It's like when I was a child, we always did these things for christmas and easter. I like being creative. Right now I've snowed myself in to read about religions, for fun, especially the hindu gods are intresting, don't know why, beacuse of the nature they posess?



Anonymous said...

Hej Anna!

Till nåt helt annat:

Tänkte bara tipsa om fina hattar jag fann:

...kanske nåt att pigga upp sig själv med i höstmörket!


Anonymous said...

*passar på att skicka en hatt-länk till*

Hoppas att du inte misstycker...