Monday, December 21, 2009

Love, snow and thoughts...

Time, there's never enough time for all that you should do, and want to do... What to do? Just going with it seems to be a big solver off these situations. I've put all the styling jobs on hold during Christmas and New Year, just to be on the safe side... This is actually the first winter I've ever felt fine, so cross your hearts and hope to die. Just to be some more on the safe side... It's very funny how life seems to turn from downside, to upside and back down - loving every minute. And having my supportive, crazy, wonderful and courageous family along side with me, I'm all out of words there...

Now it's start thinking about more gifts and bake a cake.
And please, if you have snow around you, go out and just enjoy, even for a minute.

Snowy kisses

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