Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snakes leads today to a tower!

I started out looking for one, ended up with another! But much more pleasant than I thought! I found this wonderful (though in my eyes a little scaring) advert photo for Alexander McQueen's Plato Atlantis - a really wonderful collection from the brittish sometimes controversial artsy designer, whom I adore. That led me to the SHOWstudio, and I fell in love, as soon as I'd clicked on the link... There I found so many different projects going on, just go there and take a look! So one then the other, I found myself chasing a classical tune, found it, thankfully - Requiem for a Tower!

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Did you like the ad?

I sure did (and the shoes) and I think Nick Knight did one hell of a job, also Raquel Zimmermann that's the so stunning and extraordinary model beneath all those colourful snakes... Am I scared? Yes. Would I do it? No, unless I was paid very well!

Colourful snake kisses

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