Sunday, January 31, 2010

What do I want?

There are certain things I want to do through out my life, one of those is writing some sort of book, maybe just for me, but I will write. That I am sure off. Only because I'm too stubborn to not do it. Writing has always been a way to take anxiety away, or thoughts that I've had. I still use my writing as my own way of realising and accepting.

But some of the other things I would like to have done when I'm finished is;
Travelled and explored all the corners of the world.
Start dancing again.
Live my life at the fullest every day.
Find myself, and someone that are able to live with me.
Take my driver's licence!

That would sum it all up, but of course there are the tiny little things that always will be there.
What do you want, for yourselvs? Not to make any other person happy - just you.


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