Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts about life as I know it today...

Life seem a little bit to fond of playing with me, or at least my mind likes it. I don't, just to be clear. All things seem to happen at the same time, but hey I love it when it does, but you can never be careless, ever. Slightest slip and you'll be dragging your sorry little ass back! So how do you learn to live with everything at the same time? Not relying on someone to always be there except you? Where do you find yourself in all the chaotic and calm thunderstrom in your cup?

I have to tell you, working for my father is always interesting, I literally grew up with antique stuff, that led me to start thinking about interior designs and that maybe baroque, rococo, art nouveau (jugend for swedish people), or maybe art deco should suit my home? Wanting my first old vintage corset (from the c. 1800) when I was 11 and the dresses, the shoes, the just pure art in what became what I'll be working with. As always having the fortune of looking at things that are extraodrinary, it's just a swell! I still haven't got my real 1800 vintage rare corset, but the dream is alive, yet! I know I love antique furniture, architechture, clothing - there's a history in every antique object that I see...


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