Monday, February 15, 2010

How to loose and yet to gain?

What to say? I have too many thoughts on my mind too share with all of you. Things has to happen for a reason, that's how I see it. But sometimes you just need a day off, or an hour at peace with your mind. I have a need to go higher, to strive for perfection. I know nothing is perfect - but the goal of making it perfect is great and keeps me hunting and wanting for more.

I'm slowly letting the old me go, letting myself become the one I want to be. I will always have the "old" me, I know that, but how to loose and yet gain yourself when I know that she's not me and she never will be. My values of whom I'm aiming for is in the views of my eyes and I'm leaving some parts of me behind, just as simple as she wasn't the one I wanted to be.


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