Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is this my beginning of my adventure to where?

Sometimes fear stops you from living the life you want, taking new steps, making your life more adventourous. How do you manage your own fear, when it comes to new adventures? How do you jump without scaring yourself to death? Do you maybe take the jump into the blue hoping for the best? Life isn't something that is easy - neither would I want that. But living life scared is easier than living and pushing up towards the edge... I want to go there - my mind is set there. I like things that are challenging and that's why I made my decisions this week - I'm diving in, too get a clearer look of what I want and who I am. Maybe I'll be more fearless than I'm already are - cause this isn't about the outside, this is the inside. Will I come out stronger? Is this my new adventure in my new found life, and if so, do I have to be scared? Or can I enjoy the ride - and horror of horror will I be able to live and enjoy life at the same time? Ha!

Lovely and fearless kisses

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