Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vintage auctions and so on...

A little update, moodswings from somthing that's not of this world. A pain in my body that stayed the same since the middle of December and lots of funny things to look forward to. That's was your update. Today is one hell of a day, first part is private and the later is not. Tonight I'll be going to Auktionsverket here in Stockholm, they are going to have their second auction labeled Fashion, of course Vintage. Because of my father, I got an invitation of seeing the vintage fashions one day before the real showing starts. With Nathalie Schuterman presenting how to wear vintage with new fashion, but I'm not going for that!

All of you living in Stockholm should take a visist and admire the wonderful vintage clothes, from Chanel, Lanvin, Theirry Mugler, Hérmes, Balmain - you name it!

Vintage diamond kisses

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