Saturday, February 27, 2010

A ordinary day, maybe?

Tonight I get my all time favourite food, my fathers... I've got agony about the fact that I can't do proper rice yet, but I'm getting there - someone has to follow the tradition forward in cooking persian food, and I think that it will be me. But I enjoy it so much - it's a special technique in doing it! So I have to learn it.

Tomorrow we're shooting some more things, love it! But I will need more food and things that keep my and all the others moods up. Then it's on with all the other thing, meetings, spend time with friends and look forward to a very exciting spring. I can't believe that I'm writing this, but in all the things that happens I'm still standing, I get up and slowly and carefully learning to live and I'm happy - so happy that I can burst into tears (can someone hit me in the head?)... But this is maybe how it feels... I'm just in the beginning of it all, of my life...

Love and happy thoughts

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Anna said...

du MÅSTE lära dig att tillaga saffransris för du måste lära mig det sen!! =)

puss, längtar tills du kommer och hälsar på.