Friday, February 05, 2010

Values, guidelines, again!

Values, are they hard or easy. Either way they are the guidelines to your life. Some people have said that the values are easy to me, I just can't believe that, just because some people do things to please others, your values are not suppose to be about pleasing anyone but yourself and how you want to act and be for you - others come second. It's so easy to say that, I want a partner, I want children, I want the whole package. But that's not values, that's the materialistic things. Values are who you want to be and to be aware that you will change throughout your life. And there's no right or wrong, just you. Struggle with those questions and how I want to pursue my life, led me right into agony and frustration, but something good is already coming out. I'm transforming.

If you all wonder why I tend to write, I think I've said this before. You don't have to read, cause this is just something in the neverending space.

Now I'm gonna watch Aladdin, and eat some nice food!


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