Friday, February 12, 2010

Weather changes = spring?

As a common fact, people do want the blossoming spring at this part of the year. I get shivers from it. My eyes are idiotic and very sensitive when the sun starts to break out and I get headaches due to shiftings in the air and weather. I hate it, that's a fact. But I do my best to be prepared for it. Sunglasses are truly my best friend! Cause changes with the sun and weather is the worst thing I know!

This evening I'm going to go to Sturebadet here in Sthlm, a spa - to get massage. My mum thought that she and I should go. I really do have the best mum!


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LadyAngore said...

åh vad skönt!!!!
hoppas ni hade det riktigt mysigt min ängel! <3