Friday, April 16, 2010

Explain happiness?

Things are alright, I've had the best week in a very long time now... I'm utterly at comfort with (almost) everything. These feelings of loving to live is still overwhelming sometimes, it still knocks me out but keeps me above. How can you explain? I can't. I can't put words on joy or happiness. Can anyone tell me exact how it should feel? Or is it individual for each and everyone? Who's to say that your happiness is like mine or any others? Please tell me, I want to know - need to know. But these feelings are just there without me doing anything to make them be there - I enjoy this while it's lasting. I live and why not make the best of it those moment that I can?

Hope all of you have wonderful days to! Missing so many of my friends that it breaks my heart, and I think about you!

Love and kisses

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