Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fashion put it all on me, Don't you want to see these clothes on me, Fashion put it all on me, I am anyone you want me to be... Ohhh Ohhh, La, La, La!

I'm so tired now, you wouldn't belive me if I told you... I've been styling two wonderful and sweet models for a photoshoot. Amanda from Elite and Henrietta from Upmodels, you are by far the most adorable and tolerable teens I've ever met, since I went off my teens. We did about 6 different shoots and I loved being so creative. As for sparkling and lovely makeup the wonderful Elva worked her magic and for the hair for making it fabulous and fantastic was Hanse responsible for. For the photography we had amazing Nina Holma and her assitent Nicola. I had so much fun! But now I'm so tired that my eyes roll back into my head, my feet hurts - so not funny, but well worth it! I would probably do it again right now if I wasn't so mashed up in my head... But you know, I'm smiling!

Here is the moodboard we had our inspiration from, I'll post the behind-the-scenes tomorrow perhaps, if I can and have the strenght. Right now, I really don't.

xo xo

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