Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gimme, Gimme what I need, Gimme, Gimme what I want!

Tonight I slept for about a little bit more than 4 hours and to the fact that I get tired for only sleeping 5 hours, it's pretty remarkable that not an inch of my body is tired... It's not a usual thing for me to sleep this short and be awake for a very long time - and I just think it is somewhat awkward for me to feel that. Anyway, tonight I will sleep, but if I know my body right, it will be somewhat uncomfortable to really sleep when my mind is fully awake, for all the bloody sense it makes - it doesn't feel less unfortunate that I really can't get a good nights sleep, because I really need it...

Sleeping Beauty - Edward Burne Jones

Now I think I'm going to look at some things that I want, some new accesories, some new clothes and yes , of course, ladies and gentlemen - shoes! But I don't know what I want. Yeah, I do accutally but I'm not going to tell you about it right yet. Maybe when I feel that I want to show you all that stuff, but I do not have all my photos of it, cause as you know, I am not home at the moment. So I'll post them another day. Now it's time for a movie. But I do like this outfit...

xo xo

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