Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This one, with an electro loop and hand claps, doesn't sound as glum as its title portends...

I can't stop listening to Cemetries of London, yes of course it's made by Coldplay and, I can assure you that it is truly amazing, nothing else, så now - more than ever before - I do indeed want to see them at Stockholm Stadion when they come in August, the problem is that I don't have anyone to go with and it makes me sad. Coldplay has become something that I can't describe for people, I don't associate them with anyone or anything wrong in my life, even though the lyrics can be slightly "down", but it always has a bit of joy in it... So I'm desperately seeking someone to go with, pretty pretty please! On the other hand I think I can go with my brother and his friends, that would be fun!

I stumbled upon some amazing things yesterday, it's not in my pricerange but it is something to lay your eyes on and to concentrate on how to make those things something wearable for me. I have bought a jumpsuit, it's a suit with legs and it goes over my breast (bust not any higher) I'll post a picture of it. I've got some ideas for how to wear it, it works with a lot of things cause it's black.

The jumpsuit!

xo xo

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