Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At night they will go walking, to the breaking of the day, the morning is for sleeping...

I really don't have the time to write anything useful today, I've got tons of things to do and for what I know, there's always a problem with time. I have to find all the pictures for a photoshoot were I am going to do the styling. It's going to be Haute Couture, the one thing I love the most, in fashion so to speak. In my terms fashion is a way to express my feelings and to look the best, perhaps a bit narcissitic about that but, when you wear clothes that really fit you, I can promise you that it shows!

Last night I did put on my Dermalogica treatment mask that I've been so eager to try on and, I don't know what to say, my skin was amazing after it, although I looked like a carrot in the face it didn't matter, cause my purpose of using it was such a big hit for my face, that now I'm going to do exactly that treatment every week, my skin need it and yes, I'm getting better on treating my skin - and now I'm going to get better in treating the inside of my body. Maybe a detoxifying? I really don't know. We'll see.

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