Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Faster kills faster, kills pussycat...

I can't belive my eyes when I see what I write about and what I don't even want to write about anymore. A lot of times I've used this blog as a loading central, where I can ventilate all my feelings, everything that bothers me and to be just an emotional slut. Nothing else. I wonder what's really happened to me the last couple of weeks, maybe we can call it months (but for my part that's a little bit too early). I was broken, I still am, but somehow I seem to not be concentrating at those things in particular anymore. I know I've dealt with tons of stuff in here but one thing is for sure, I don't write about it. I will write about it again, but not today.

I wish for real that my tooth would stop aching, it's disturbing, in a way I really don't like. I have to use this discusting thing in my mouth two times a day, so that my tooth is going to be alright, it isn't a sickness, it's my wisdomteeth that grows way to slow for me.
Ohh, I need to go shopping and to buy some new things, but I don't know exactly what right now, we'll see...

xo xo

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