Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I deserve it, as I've always walked around in circles...

I tried to find a specific shoe, I would die to have, nothing like anything else that I would normally wear, but I can't even find a picture of the shoe that I want on the website, it's as if it doesn't exist, really. But I know it does. I would love to have it, such an amazing shoe, the colour is orange! How sweet isn't that? I do adore them, but I know that I can get a better pair - that's the one thing that keeps me calm, if I really should have it, I would've find it - so it means that another pair is waiting for me. Yummie!

Yeah, I forgot to tell you that I got my GHD hairstraightener from LookFantastic yesterday! I haven't tried it yet, but I will. It came in a amazing box and looked really fancy, if you say so. If anybody wonders why I bought it's because I want to be able to do things with my hair and my old one isn't as good as this. I've seen the difference when I was at my hairdresser for about a month ago, I didn't order it then, but when I realized that I needed something that would work, I ordered it... The funny thing from ordering from LookFantastic is that the prices are low, not cheap for sleezy products, but a low price to pay for quality! Quality is the thing for lasting clothes, shoes, products, everything!

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