Monday, March 30, 2009

Today is the last day, that I'm using words, They've gone out, Lost their meaning, Don't function anymore...

I don't really know what to write about today, my mind is spinning right now, I had so many thoughts that I was going to write about - but they've all gone missing. I cannot concentrate at this moment, tomorrow will be different, that's at least what I'm hoping for. Not to be so mashed up in my head and all over the place at the same time. I do want things to calm down a little bit, but I can't get a focus on it. I really can't and it annoys me so much. You don't even want to now what goes through my mind. It's like Bedtime Stories (the Madonna song) - so totally unexpected and so distressful. But I will come to my senses. I have people to talk to.

I'm looking for things that looks in a specific way, I can't reveal anything right now, but I know that I will find the things that are the ones in particular that I'm looking for. I always do that, with my own kind of twist. It's pretty amazing how you can take an outfit and make it into something it isn't, by just looking at it at first, that's the fun with fashion. You can style up anything!

I've said it before, but you can say it again, this is as close to perfection you ever may come in this genre!

xo xo

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