Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They are turning my head out, To see what I'm all about, Keeping my head down, To see what it feels like now...

There is accutally one thing I still hate - being sick. It's an awful thing to be and I hate it more than ever, cause I have to cancel everything that I want to do. I am truly a doomed girl right now, it's a curse having the flu, because that is what I think I have. Not so funny and just for the record you don't want to mess with me right know, I just wanted you to know that, my irritation is growing, yesterday I started yelling at my family over something so little as mashes potatoes. I don't go to a aggravated state of mind that often but now I do and I have no control - none whatsoever.

I want to look at movies, I want to create all night long, it's a burning fever in my fingers and I don't know where to begin or where to end. Just that I have to begin, cause I didn't have that luck in finding the skirts I wanted, neither the tops or the dresses. So I'm thinking about making them. I know how to do it, so why don't I? What is in my mind blocking me from the creative process. I need to figure that one out before I go into another set of my mind. We'll see...

xo xo

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