Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time dances whirling past, I gaze through the looking glass, And feel just beyond my grasp is heaven...

Some things you really can't have a chance to take in your own control, I'm a control freak. When I get cranky, it doesn't happen so often anymore, I'm not so funny to deal with... I like having control over things, but when I get caught in a moment of something we call a slightly mania and dissaociation (I think I got that today), I don't remember a thing that has past by the last hours, it's too much for my brain to manage so I go to my own comfort level of consciousness and are just floating by, I really don't know. As it happened today it didn't get as high that would make people notice me - and it happened when I was shopping. I think as I said too much was going through my mind at that time. But I'll always manage. My brain fucks with me, no I don't feel down, just a little bit confused and irritated. I need to bee in a dark room with no light right now, to be calm.

Yeah I bought a new skirt and two dresses. As soon as I have the time and the energy to post them here, I'll do that. You all know me, that's never gonna happen! Haha! But I do love 'em!

Beyond Retro = Love!

xo xo

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