Monday, March 02, 2009

Your love is nothing I can fight...

I know for a fact that I promised you pictures from the shoot we did this saturday that past us, but only thinking of putting in the cable into the computer and hooking up my harddrive that saves everything - we'll really that's to much to ask today. Cause it takes to much energy from me to do everything, but I will post them as soon as I can, I'm never good on posting my own photos anymore. But I will practice. Here's a picture I just adore, I love it... So peaceful.

I'm currently looking for inspiration for a another shoot, it's a lot of things that happens in the couple of days. I will not reveal the theme on it... I like things that are a bit secret and not to much fuss about - until everything comes out! I found somethings I'd really like to have! One of the shoes are to-die-for! Of course it's Blahniks shoes!

This McQueen dress is a lovely thing I like to have in my closet!

I just fell for them, so not me, but I will go really freaky sometimes!

These ones is STILL on my list! I'd die to have them.

xo xo

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