Thursday, April 02, 2009

I'll follow the night, Can't stand the light, When will I begin, To live again?

Everytime I feel down, I have specific music I listen to, something that calms me, something that makes me safe, something that just is there and do nothing, don't confuses my brain or makes me think harder about all the things I know I have to deal with. I have a guess about what's bugging me, and it's not only one thing, it's all the stress, I'm not ready to lift the worlds weight on my shoulders neither was I prepered for the downfalls during to slowly taking away a medicin that has affected me in very specific ways, like wrapping my feelings around cotton, making me feel better - and they've done that for sure. We also have to take in observation that it is spring and that equals me feeling worse for a while - this is completley normal - so when I've dealt with this I will feel better.

I'm still looking for perfect spring/summer dresses, you know the ones you just can throw on and you know you will look good, I'm looking for flowers, colours, asymmetrical patterns, something that's edgy, something that's not so just me all over the place. Of course it's gonna be me, but not the usual me, something new. I'm totally schizo when it comes to clothes and shoes, you should see my wardrobe. It's a mess, I'll take some photos and show it for you, it really is a mess! But I love it!

This could be me, but it's from Confessions of A Shopaholic!

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