Monday, April 06, 2009

It doesn't hurt me, You wanna feel how it feels, You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me, You wanna hear about the deal I'm making...

I am not in the mood right now, it's spring and I don't like it. Huh, has she gone mad? Don't take it wrong, I like it - in one way, not in another, I can't really describe it. I'm bored of almost everything in my life, every person, everything that happens, nothing new, just same old, same old. I need new things that my heart can carry in another way. I need someone to challenge me in a someway that I've never been challenged before, I sick and tired of this. Just let me be, it will pass.

Oh, I bought a pair of shoes yesterday and a clutch bag, they're something I've wanted to have for some time now, cute shoes to wear now in the spring and in the early autumn, I like it! I should have bought the shoes earlier but I haven't and now I'm happy for that, sometimes waiting gives a reward.

I want some special clothes for this weekend to come, something easy, looking sharpedged and faboulous! We'll see what I come up with, I know one outfit!

This dress is something I would like to have in my closet!

xo xo

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Anna ( LadyAngore) said...

jag tror du behöver komma ner till malmö för en hejdundrans helg med mig baby. ;)

puss & kärlek.