Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's a kind of magic!

When it comes to love I've always been divided into two halfs, one that always want to be myself and never compromise about anything like my selfintegrity and another side that always want to make me wanting to become something more, my relationships with people always seems to end when it has been jaded with too much. I don't like when everything comes easy, I know people have told me that love is supposed to be one of the easiest feelings in the world, nothing complex nor hard to go through. I found it hard to belive, but when you maybe meet the man you have in your dreams everything changes and you found yourself just being able to cope with the situation. You see how mashed up I am about love, I don't like it easy nor when it's complex, how do you combine those two things to one?

I'm currently looking for outfits that are chic and faboulous, as I wrote about yesterday... I think I've found one outfit, but we'll see... And yeah I got the clutch and the shoes I bought home during sunday - today. I looove FedEx!

I need a new black dress that always work, this is from Rouland Mouret.

xo xo

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